Triumvir Foul - Spiritual Bloodshed LP


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Accursed and vile disarray form the second full-length offering of Triumvir Foul. A proclamation of wretch and continuation of hellish lust from their first album, Spiritual Bloodshed delves into the perverse evolution of unhinged hedonism and carnal irreverence through the exploration of carnage in the spectral realm. Expanding beyond the themes of occultism and mythological allegories of the first album, Spiritual Bloodshed takes on a much more direct approach, clenching at the throat of one's putrid desires. Additionally, Triumvir Foul's return to their original two-man lineup has allowed them to create a more focused and raw sound, fusing the atmospheres of both their eponymous album and debut An Oath of Blood and Fire demo. Spiritual Bloodshed is the embodiment of the Vrasubatlatian rites €“ relish in the spectres of shame and disgust. Flies and filth... alone you are reborn to see I alone... to be sworn to disease Cries in vile hands and revolted in hate Lie upon and contort on your knees Die, alone and transpire in the haze Eyes consume every morsel of flesh Crying alone... you are born to see I alone... to be sworn to disease. This is VT-XIII..  .