Shipping Status

Here is a catch all page for updates on current standard shipping time and status of pre-order items. 

Current standard shipping time
Updated 10/5/2021: 3-4 days for in-stock items.

Pre-order items
Updated 10/5/2021:

Krallice - Mass Cathexis LP: In house and shipping now

The Silver - Ward of Roses CD: In house and shipping now

Mizmor - Self-titled 2LP:
Global manufacturing delays have hit all industries this year and they've been the bane of our existence as a record label. Everything is cripplingly slow. Add to that the fact that most of our releases are pressed at New Orleans Record Press who were affected by Hurricane Ida evacuation causing additional delays. For these reasons we have been told the Mizmor Self-titled 2LPs will be completed in December. Unfortunate news but an unavoidable situation. As we've always stated on pre-order items, delays are possible and to be expected, patience is mandatory. If you'd like to change or cancel your order please contact us at

Mehenet - Ng'ambu CD: Waiting for stock from the plant, hoping to have them shipping week of 10/12/21