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To order our releases via wholesale for your store or distro please contact Thrill Jockey or Redeye Distribution. We're slow with wholesale shipments and you're better off ordering from them.

To order our releases in the UK and Europe please order from Dry Cough Records or Deathwish Inc EU.

For PR-related inquiries, please contact Shannon at Perfect World PR:


Gilead Media is a record label based out of Wisconsin that specializes in metal, hardcore, noise rock, and experimental music. The label was founded in 2005. Vinyl is our format of choice, although sometimes we will release CDs and tapes.

The folks behind Gilead Media also operate a brick and mortar record store called Eroding Winds in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In addition to Migration Fest, which is curated alongside 20 Buck Spin.

We are NOT currently looking for bands or accepting demos.

If you need anything else you can email
We get a lot of e-mail every day, we will respond as soon as we can.