Kaldeket - Vitiate // Déraciné LP

Gilead Media 2024

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Here at Gilead Media we are proud to finally announce the vinyl release for the debut recordings by Kaldeket, Vitiate // Déraciné.

Kaldeket (Minneapolis, MN) was founded in 2021, rising from the ashes of black metal band False. Travis and Kishel initially started Kaldeket as a way to further experiment in a studio environment with a focused, triumphant entity that carried the same beating heart and fiery ferver of their previous band. They quickly released their first demo, Vitiate imposing their will using soaring synth leads, sharpened icy guitar riffs, and a bouncy melodic bass counterparts throughout the entirety of the 3 track onslaught, with a signature organized intensity.

Shortly there after the band quickly began work on their follow up demo, Déraciné. These tracks contains the same assertive attitude and succinct quality throughout the 18:37 runtime, starting promptly with the 8 minute track “Misshapen”, woven carefully with riffs expressing anguish and displacement, the passion extends through the virtuous “Fatuous & Pitiless” leading to the ending track “Grotesque Artifact”, an offering of truculence with a slightly more hopeful resolution.

Travis and Kishel originally chose to concentrate on developing their sound architecture first and foremost with no intention on playing live. However, similarly to how a lot changed in years 2020-2021, the years 2021-2023 have also offered immense change. Recently Kaldeket enlisted the support of 4 close confidantes to enable the project to be as compelling as possible in a live setting.

Gilead Media is proud to once again work with our old friends to present a new chapter in their creative journey, compiling both EPs into a full-length LP listening experience. Kaldeket is here to carry the torch of powerful, melodic, synth-laden black metal, compelling but with elements familiar to their previous works.

All tracks written and performed by Travis and Kishel. Mixed at Big Bovine Industrial Wastes and Psychic Leech. Mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. Cover art by Tanner Anderson.

The vinyl is presented in a single pocket jacket w/lyric sheet insert.
Tapes available now from Big Bovine Industrial Wastes.