Ustalost - Before the Glinting Spell Unvests CD

Gilead Media 2022

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Ustalost is the solo project of Yellow Eyes co-founder Will Skarstad, conceived a half-decade ago with The Spoor of Vipers as a pressure valve for ideas too decadent for any other outlet. He returns with a second release, Before The Glinting Spell Unvests, a vision of grandiosity and endless beguiling depth, dragged dripping out of the bog with handfuls of fruit so overripe as to be nearly alcoholic. Ustalost has always been an experiment in indulgence, and Glinting Spell asks for even more, careening through landscapes of hysteria and melancholy with impulsiveness and the godlike acetic whiff of incoherence.

Recorded straight to tape in the woods of Connecticut, with lyrics, production, and album design by Sam Skarstad, Before The Glinting Spell Unvests is another entry in an increasingly exceptional legacy.

CD packaged in 4 panel digipak with 8 panel poster-style insert. CDs will ship late January 2022. Vinyl available for preorder late January 2022. 

Recorded in Yelping Hill in 2020
Composition and instruments by Will Skarstad
Lyrics and production by Sam Skarstad
Dedicated to Simón
Photo by Simon Keough