Neurosis - Souls at Zero CD

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Souls at Zero, originally released in 1992, was Neurosis"s first flash of true brilliance. Retaining their concussive and visceral punk roots, the band took their first solid steps into previously uncharted territory€”employing non-traditional instruments, tribal chants, radically slower tempos and densely layered, folk-influenced melodies, essentially creating a post-metal blueprint in the process. €œSterile Vision€? breathes with a barbaric folk tinge, while the menacing industrial rhythms of €œFlight€? and €œThe Web€? steamroll the senses. The maniacal trepidation of €œZero€? acts as the ying to the melancholic yang of €œEmpty.€?.
Neurot Records is proud to keep the flame burning with this deluxe reissue. Adding demo versions of €œZero€? and the title track along with a bonus live cut, the updated Souls at Zero is a vital document of one of the most influential bands in heavy music. Redesigned artwork by the revered Josh Graham completes a package worthy of timeless worship..