Jim Jarmusch & Jozef Van Wissem - The Mystery of Heaven LP

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 2006. Their first live performance was in Issue Project Room in Brooklyn in October 2011, where they appeared together for a Van Wissem curated concert program called €œNew Music for Early Instruments.€? The idea for their first album, Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity (Important Records) developed from their live performance. Jarmusch has said that he considers these songs as Van Wissem"s compositions, and sees himself as someone filling in the background to Jozef "s foreground, like the €œscenic€? on a film shoot, the one who paints the backdrops. €œThe sound of the lute is as bright as the sun, a beautiful red color and my stuff sounds sort of like the moon, more like blue, like mercury.€? 2012's The Mystery of Heaven was recorded in New York with help from hypnotic Tilda Swinton on guest vocals..  .