Anagnorisis - Peripeteia 2LP

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Released by Vendetta. More info from the label:. Peripeteia is an honest and passionate autobiography of vocalist€”and now protagonist€”Zachary Kerr. The themes in Peripeteia have no apparent beginning or end as the record is composed to infinitely loop, repeating the dramatic emotions we all encounter in our own lives. Continuing their namesake theme of concepts from Aristotle"s Poetics, the Greek word €œperipeteia€? means €œa sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances,€? and was described by the philosopher as occurring immediately after the moment of self-recognition, or anagnorisis. Peripeteia is not only the culmination of the band"s legacy in the US black metal scene, but a story 30 years in the making, a story told through the heart-breaking lens of audio tapes from Kerr"s childhood, spliced throughout the album..