2023 Subscription Club Registration OPEN NOW

Posted by Adam Bartlett on

Registration is now open for the 2023 Vinyl Subscription Club. 

SIGN UP NOW: https://gileadmedia.net/products/2023-subscription-club-registration

We weren't planning on running another Sub Club again. Manufacturing delays in the US have made the last couple years really difficult, but we've been powering through and it seems like turnaround time will stabilize this year for manufacturing. We've moved the majority of our pressing orders back to Europe and the results already seem to be making a huge difference. This made us feel a lot better about launching a sub club for this coming year, especially when we looked at the list of releases in the queue. So here we go!

2023 Sub Club Release schedule:
Wailin Storms - The Silver Snake Unfolds LP
Sunrise Patriot Motion - Black Fellflower Stream LP
Big Garden - To the Rind LP
Krallice - Psychagogue LP
Krallice - Crystalline Exhaustion 2LP

SIGN UP NOW: https://gileadmedia.net/products/2023-subscription-club-registration

2023 sub club perks

- Subscribers are guaranteed the most limited color variant of each pressing. Never worry about missing a pre-order.
- Subscribers get an exclusive t-shirt with unique art only available via the sub club.
- 10% off in the Gilead Media webstore and at Eroding Winds physical record shop for the entire year of 2023
- Bandcamp hosted download codes for all Gilead Media 2023 releases, regardless whether they are a part of the Vinyl Sub Club or not.
- Combined retail value of vinyl and shirt = $250
Critical info:
The Sub Club is USA only for this year. Sorry but everything sucks and keeping up with international shipping costs is one of them. We just can't do it. 
- Limited to 100 subscriptions for 2021
- Shipping for all mailings is included in the subscription fee