Mutilation Rites - Chasm LP

Gilead Media 2018

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Personal blurb:
At last, my dudes from NYC return with a new record and come home to Gilead Media for the CD and LP release. This new full-length rages with much more of a death metal vibe than previous MR output. Everything about this record oozes with the filth I loved about Mutilation Rites.

Bassist Ryan Jones tracked the album at St. Vitus in, Brooklyn and mixed the album, and crushed the production just as hard as I knew he would when I first heard the rehearsal demos. Between the songwriting and production, everything comes together on Chasm for a perfect storm of true metal destruction.

Official blurb:
Brooklyn's ripping metal outfit Mutilation Rites emerge out of the underground once again with their highly anticipated new album "Chasm". A turbulent, caustic take on deathly black metal, "Chasm" sees the Mutilation Rites at the height of their songwriting, as they venture further into the darkest shades of black and absolute dread.

Each of the album's 6 tracks sees the band mix an evocative combination of death metal, punk rock, grindcore, and more to create a new sonic identity, as the band is now joined by renowned drummer Tyler Coburn (Yautja, Alraune.) With a new, revitalized lineup in place, Mutilation Rites are poised to storm the gates with a new, genre-bending approach to extreme music. Behold total death!

On this album Mutilation Rites is:

Tyler Coburn - Drums
Michael Dimmitt - Guitar
Ryan Jones - Bass, Vocals
George Paul - Guitar, Vocals

Chasm was recorded August through November 2017. Drums and basic guitars recorded at Saint Vitus Bar. Guitars overdubbed at Growlhouse Recording (Ryan Jones’ studio), then re-amped at Chapel Black Studio with Travis Bacon (Black Anvil, Hogwasche, White Widows Pact, Grudges). Vocals and Mixing at GrowlHouse Recording. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Mastering.

Art by Mark Riddick