GLM007: Mouth Of The Architect - The Ties That Blind gatefold 2LP

Released: October 2006

Pressing: 1000 2LPs

Status: Out of print

The release of this album was a proud moment for the label. Not only was the presentation really something I felt stuck out and looked great, but the album was one of my favorites from that year and the bass player from BOTCH played bass on it! How much cooler could this record possibly be? Not much, I dare say. There was nothing too exciting behind the scenes on this one. I wish we could've worked out releasing "Time & Withering" back around the time this came out. This also marks the beginning of my friendships with Paul Jeffrey and Drew Jurgens. Two great people. If there's one thing the label has done for me of the past 5 years now, it has been that I've met many fantastic people that I'm truly grateful for.