GLM006: The Cancer Conspiracy - Omega CD/LP


Released: CD - June 29, 2008, LP - Feb 12, 2008 (co-released with Radar Recordings)

Pressing: 1000 CDs, 650 LPs (450 white, 200 black)

Status: Out of print

I first heard these recordings while I was working at a music distributor based in Toledo, OH. A co-worker was close with the folks at Big Wheel Recreation (who currently held the rights to this album) and had given me some songs to jam under strict confidentiality. I was floored by the album as a whole and couldn't believe there hadn't been a release at this point considering it had been recorded so long ago. I know the band's sudden breakup made it hard for a more established label to allocate time and resources into the album and I'm assuming the first record had a less than stellar sales history, but in my "I can do anything!" headspace of the time I decided to try and rectify the situation. After many emails between myself, Daryl Rabidoux, the Radar Recordings guys, and Big Wheel Recreation I was able to negotiate the release of the album and return of the rights back to the band, who exclusively licensed it to GLM and Radar for release. This took a lot of time and a lot of work, and as my first split label release it was sort of a huge headache, as I managed to handle that situation in easily the most complicated manner possible. But it all worked out and fans of the band were finally able to enjoy the final testament of a great band.

Oh yea, also, one time I drove to Chicago in a torrential downpour to see The Cancer Conspiracy play a late show at the Fireside Bowl after Taking Back Sunday. It was, like, three dollars to get in, or free if you were at Taking Back Sunday. There were maybe 15 people there... my aforementioned friend Chad (from the ...Of Sinking Ships story), my girlfriend at the time, and a bunch of random kids whom, I'm fairly certain, the majority of had no idea who The Cancer Conspiracy were. That was a life-changing show.