GLM005: ...Of Sinking Ships - self-titled CD/LP


Released: CD - Summer, 2006, LP - May 2008

Pressing: 1000 CDs, 600 LPs (all "garbage" mix grey vinyl)

Status: Out of print

I owe my interest in ...Of Sinking Ships to my long-time close friend Chad. He sent me the songs sometime in 2003 or 2004 after he bought the tour-edition CD-R at a Hopesfall show and I fell in love with them. Over time I emailed Chad Waldrup and mailordered my own copy of the CD-R version. When I decided to start a label Chad Waldrup was one of the first people I contacted about releasing an album. This was the first CD release on which I broke even as a label and it gave me a lot of momentum to move forward on some more projects.