GLM004: The Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl Volumes I+II gatefold 3LP


Released: March 14, 2006

Pressing: 1000 black vinyl

Status: Out of print

I still don't really understand how all these factors happened to fall into place and result in my releasing these great albums on vinyl. I was working for a music distributor when I started the label and some co-workers and I were at MACROCK in Virginia representing the company and generally enjoying ourselves. Uncle Bob Drives A Combine played & blew my mind, alongside a handful of other incredible bands. Baroness around the release of Second. Circle Takes the Square. Pig Desteroyer around the release of Terrifyer. All in all a fun weekend. Deep Elm records also happened to have a vendor table at the flea market and seeing as they were one of the labels distributed by my employer I decided to introduce myself (having communicated on the phone/in person numerous times) and chat a bit. After some conversation and explaining how I was starting a label and hoping to release some vinyl it was jokingly suggested by Deep Elm that I release some Appleseed Cast records (after gushing about my love for the band). I laughed, and then before the end of the night decided that this would indeed have to happen. After months of discussion, agreements, anxiety and panic about releasing a 3LP for my first vinyl project, the record finally came to pass. I learned quite a bit about running a label from this first release. Definitely grateful for the opportunity and experience.