GLM003: A Scanner Darkly - Self-titled CDEP


Released: January 10, 2006

Pressing: 1000 CDs

Status: Out of print

I first met Adam Tucker (founding member, guitarist, programming, engineer, etc etc etc etc) while he was attending UW-Oshkosh and I was working at the local record shop, The Exclusive Company. He turned me on to his then current band, Uncle Bob Drives A Combine, and I more or less kept tabs on his musical endeavors from there on out. A Scanner Darkly started as a side-project to a dying UBDAC, originally as a two piece guitar/vocals/drum machine band group. After a year, maybe more, I revisited their songs and realized they had fleshed out their previous tracks and developed into a full band. An even greater surprise was the set of brand new recordings that came along with the full lineup. I was immediately blown away with the evolution in their songwriting and the sound this band had created. In addition to that, I was smitten with their lyrical inspiration and literary obsessions. I got in touch with Adam and immediately begged him to let me release the record. All involved were excited, and this release easily helped shape my idea of what this label would become and what innovative music could be.