GLM002: Crossing The Atlantic - Signals & Waves (Collected Recordings 2001-2004) CD


Released: January 10, 2006

Pressing: 1000 CDs

Status: Out of print

CTA was a side-project of one of my old friends, Todd Vandenberg. His primary project was a singer-songwriter gig called Heller Mason. But the expansive, experimental nature of Crossing the Atlantic really drew me in, and became the second release on the label. I handled all the artwork and layout on this one, which was simple but it was the first release where I handled everything on my own. Unfortunately the band would never really perform live to promote this release, and all the other members would continue to focus on their own projects. Despite my firm feelings about how great this record is, it never sold very well and we ultimately ended up giving the majority of these discs away with pre-orders for the mewithoutYou LPs.