GLM001: Hundred Year Hex / With Childlike Eyes - James Westfall & Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Split CD


Released: July 2005

Pressing: 950 copies in gatefold chipboard jackets with sticker labels, and about 50 copies in poorly screen-printed jackets with artwork that was too big for the packaging due to crappy templates from Furnace Mfg. or crappy screen burning by some local Toledo screen print shop.

Status: Out Of Print

This split CD stands as the first official Gilead Media release that was legitimately manufactured (not a home-replicated release). A lot of things went wrong, but in the end it was a lot of fun and an enormous learning experience. I still vividly remember trying to figure out how to create pantone layers for the disc surface art, failing miserably trying to print the jackets with ink that was drying in the screens, and finally assembling all 950 units (sticker application, CD and insert insertion) when everything was straightened out. The external artwork and disc surface were designed by Ted Nelson of Withchildlikeeyes, and the insert collage was created by Christopher Sommer, my band-mate in Hundred Year Hex. Most of these were destroyed by my friend Scott when I gave him more or less all the copies I had left so he could salvage the cases and use them for one of his own band's releases. So it goes.