Lake Of Violet - The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines LP

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SHIPPING NOW Chicago-based Lake of Violet is a new project, but those involved in its initial offering, The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines, are well known to those that take interest in heavy & experimental music. Founded by Andr̩ Foisy (guitar, of Locrian, Kwaidan) and Anthony Michael Couri (drums, formerly of Minsk, currently of Cedars of Lebanon), Lake of Violet was born from a series of free jams that were fleshed out over time with the addition of Jacob Essak (bass, of Sun Splitter) and Neil Jendon (guitar, vocals, synths, of Kwaidan, Catherine) to the Lake of Violet line up. The compositions on Plumb Lines€°Û_ mesh the myriad influences of its collaborators, resulting in songs that are hypnotic and meditative, with thick atmosphere as a major focus throughout the entire album. Although many of the pieces on this album began as free-form jams that evolved into structured works, they still breathe deeply and maintain the openness and atmosphere upon which the project was founded. The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines was recorded by Greg Norman and Neil Jendon, and mixed by Greg Norman and Neil Jendon, and mixed by Greg Norman. It was mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. The album will be presented as a single LP pressed on limited edition color vinyl with a download code included. It will be available in stores & online on April 1st, 2016.