MSW - Obliviosus CD

Gilead Media 2020

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M.S.W. brings together key components from his work in solo projects HELL and CLOUD to come to terms with topics of intense personal struggle. Here in his first album under his given name, we hear the familiar melodic atmosphere of Cloud coupled with intense, somber doom of Hell for a new sonic experience that is familiar but altogether its own entity of great despair.

"This album is dedicated to my brother R.A.W. and his struggle with addiction and how it has affected the rest of our family for over a decade now. These songs were written over a course of five years or so. The struggle is never ending."

All music written and recording by MSW at the Burial Grounds in Salem, Oregon. Violins throughout the album are performed by Gina Eygenhuysen. Female vocals throughout album are by Karli Mcnutt with Jess Carroll (adding a melody on “O Brother”). Vinyl mastering by Tom Nunes. Digital and CD master by Adam Tucker. I would like to thank Adam Bartlett, Gina Eygenhuysen, Karli Mcnutt, R.A.W., A.L.N., Blial Cabal, Tom Nunes, and you. Also, once again, I want to thank depression, fear and misery.