Mizmor & Andrew Black - Dialetheia CD

Gilead Media 2020

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Portland, OR black-doom powerhouse, MIZMOR has joined forces with multi-instrumentalist (and live musician for MIZMOR) ANDREW BLACK to create a masterful collaboration titled, Dialetheia. Two massive and introspective tracks fill space and time as we know it with undulating soundscapes - exploring bleak and beautiful isolation. Haunting and hypnotizing, the endless waves of sonic nostalgia, emerge triumphantly through sirens of solace and meditative winds.

MIZMOR songwriter, A.L.N. and ANDREW BLACK began their collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic through file sharing. "We made this album remotely, sending audio files back and forth over the internet, piecing them together like a collage, expanding on each others work, and producing modulations and modifications using tape and outboard gear to strike upon a certain sound. It was a somewhat inconvenient and novel approach to an album’s creation that accounts for a lot of beautiful quirks and otherwise-not-tried ideas," shares A.L.N.

Overwhelmed by a sudden sense of traditions and ways of life being made obsolete, the duo imagines one walking through a museum of our nostalgia and past times. Lingering on the feeling of being both the observed and the observer in the scene, like one looking both at the reflection in the glass and through to the scene on the other side, it further expands to touch on the dualist illusion of the self. "In this great experiment called civilization, we are both the experimenter and the subject."



Written, performed, recorded, and produced by A.L.N. and Andrew Black at their home studios in Portland, OR in April 2020, whilst isolated separately during COVID19 quarantine. Guest vocal on “Looking At | Looking Through” by Jesse Thom. Mixed by A.L.N. at his home studio in Portland, OR in April 2020. Mastered and cut by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, OR in April
2020. Album artwork and trailer video by Emma Ruth Rundle.