Thou west coast tour dates with MJ Guider

Posted by Adam Bartlett on

New US tour dates for Thou, just announced.

Updates will be posted here:

11.29.18 - Dallas at RBC with True Widow and Akkolyte.
11.30.18 - Denver at Syntax Physic Opera with Lingua Ignota and Blood Incantation.
12.01.18 - Denver MATINEE at Nude City Relief Center (THOU ACOUSTIC).
12.01.18 - Laramie at Great Untamed.
12.02.18 - Salt Lake City at Diabolical Records with Durian Durian and Two-Headed Whale.
12.03.18 - Boise at Java Downtown.
12.04.18 - Portland at Tonic with Blackwater Holylight.
12.05.18 - Seattle at Vera Project.
12.06.18 - Anacortes at Kennelly Keys (THOU ACOUSTIC).
12.07.18 - Portland EARLY SHOW at High Water Mark (THOU ACOUSTIC) with The Body.
12.08.18 - Salem at Burial Ground with Hell.
12.09.18 - Eureka at Sirens Song.
12.10.18 - San Francisco at Balboa Theatre with Spelling.
12.11.18 - Oakland MATINEE at 1234Go! (THOU ACOUSTIC) with Try the Pie.
12.11.18 - Oakland at Starline Social Club with Cell Rot and Gayphex Twin.
12.12.18 - Los Angeles at Union with Miserable and Whelm.
12.13.18 - San Diego at Che Cafe with Miserable and special guests.
12.14.18 - Phoenix at Cricket Pavilion/Wall Street with Ceremented and Lana del Rabies.
12.15.18 - Santa Fe at The Cave with Lilith.
12.16.18 - San Antonio at Limelight with Amygdala.
12.17.18 - Austin at Lost Well with Die Young.