Posted by Adam Bartlett on

Yo, there's a lot going on with THOU new releases this year, and we're gonna have a hand in most of it.

First off, 3 EPs are all being released on vinyl by different labels this spring/summer, then Sacred Bones is releasing the new full-length MAGUS. After all that stuff is out we're releasing a CD collecting all the EPs, and that thing will be called Ceremonies of Consolidation. That'll be out in August/September.

You can get all the details in an audio interview with Bryan and Andy over at the NPR All Songs Considered blog, and hear a track from each record.

We will, of course, have copies of all of these albums in the Gilead Media distro. Primordial and Inconsolable should be here in a couple weeks, while Rhea Sylvia and Magus will be in stock upon release. No pre-orders through us on those, available when they're in stock.