News — Key to a Vanishing Future

Falls of Rauros 'Key to a Vanishing Future' announcement, first single, and CD/Digital preorders

Posted by Adam Bartlett on


Falls of Rauros of Portland, ME return with their 6th full-length album Key to a Vanishing Future. As a band that has mastered the balance of melody and dynamics within heavy songwriting, Falls of Rauros now faces a new era as a creative force. Since their founding as a duo in 2005 the band has expanded into a fully-realized and collaborative quartet. Although originally intent on exploring the common ground between black metal, rock, and folk music, the group’s continuous goal has been to bring together the raw materials of numerous styles of music and forge something seamless and new, rich with detail and texture. Recorded in isolation by the band themselves, the new record holds no regard for what is expected in the evolution of their sound, pays no mind to the current popular sounds of heavy music, and opens all possible doors. The band details:

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