Current pre-orders: Thou - Ceremonies of Consolidation 2CD & Ceremonies of Repetition 2LP, portrayal of guilt - Let Pain Be Your Guide LP repress

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We have 3 items available to pre-order now before the Krallice re-issues launch next month, mid-February.

We got a bit behind on the Thou releases but they're back on track and should be coming along and finishing up soon here.


portrayal of guilt - Let Pain Be Your Guide REPRESS (black vinyl, orange w/red splatter)



Thou - Ceremonies of Consolidation 2xCD

2018 was quite the year for Thou. Not only did they release their 5th full-length album, Magus (Sacred Bones), but they also released a series of vinyl-only EPs leading up to it. Rhea Sylvia (Deathwish Inc.), The House Primordial (Raw Sugar), and Inconsolable (Community Records). Each of these albums is written in a drastically different style, but all serve to provide context for the full-length, Magus, while each is capable of standing alone as individual EPs.

Rhea Sylvia is an album of songs drenched in total grunge worship, while The House Primordial is noisy and caustic. Inconsolable closes out the series by feauturing somber, acoustic tracks with clean singing.

Ceremonies of Consolidation collects those 3 12” EPs in a 2xCD set, packaged in a thick, Stoughton gatefold tip-on CD jacket and includes a 12-page booklet with new and expanded artwork.

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Rhea Sylvia
1. The Only Law
2. Unfortunate Times
3. Non-Entity
4. Deepest Sun
5. Restless River
6. Lasting Dose

The House Primordial
7. Wisdom in the Open Air
8. Premonition
9. The Sword Without a Hilt
10. Diaphonous Shift
11. Corruption and Mortal Trauma
12. Psychic Dominance
13. Prideful Dementia and Impulsive Mayhem
14. Occulting Light
15. Birthright
16. Malignant Horror

17. The Unspeakable Oath
18. Come Home, You Are Missed
19. The Hammer
20. Behind the Mask, Another Mask
21. Fallow State
22. Into the Scourge Pit
23. Find the Cost of Freedom
24. Entombed in Man

Rhea Sylvia demos (not yet released elsewhere on CD or LP)
25. The Only Law (Acoustic Demo)
26. Unfortunate Times (Acoustic Demo)
27. Deepest Sun (Acoustic Demo)
28. Restless River (Acoustic Demo)
29. Inevitable (Acoustic Demo)



Thou - Ceremonies of Repetition 2LP

The next in a series of collections that compile tracks from various EPs, splits, etc. Ceremonies of Repetition includes all tracks from The Sacrifice EP, To The Chaos Wizard Youth EP, and the Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For EP.

Everything was recorded by James Whitten. Everything was mastered for vinyl by Adam Tucker.

"Repetition" will be packaged in a thick, stoughton gatefold jacket and include a 16-page booklet. Similar to the Summit & Tyrant 2LPs we repressed. It will be pressed in New Orleans at NORP.

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A 20:36
I Hate Myself and I Want to Die 4:03
New Orleans is a Hole 8:24
Pill 3:01
Eulogy 5:08

B 16:23
The Unnamed Path 6:27
Skinwalker 3:46
The Witch Cunt 6:10

C 20:21
Helen Hill Will Have Her Revenge on New Orleans 7:43
I Believe Because It is Impossible 3:43
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 8:55

D 20:42
Out of the Mouth of a Fool 6:27
By Every Hand Betrayed 8:00
Sifting 6:15