2017 Gilead Media Subscription Club shipping update

Posted by Adam Bartlett on

As many of you know, we have a few stragglers from the prior year's subscription club. But fear not! Everything will be delivered. Here's the current status as of April 12th, 2018:

These titles are COMPLETE, and shipping out the week of April 21st...
RELIC94 - Eigenlicht - Self-Annihilating Consciousness 2LP
RELIC95 - Pyrolatrous - Teneral 2LP
RELIC99 - Krallice w/Dave Edwardson - Loum LP
2017 Cub club coffee mug!!

These titles are going to press over the next 3 weeks, and should all be completed for Migration Fest...
RELIC74 - Mutilation Rites - Chasm CD/LP
RELIC84 - Yellow Eyes - Stillicide / The Desert Mourns LP re-issue
RELIC85 - Yellow Eyes - Hammer of Night LP re-issue