Vile Creature - Cash of Static and Smoke LP

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Dry Cough & Halo of Flies are proud to announce Cast of Static and Smoke, the new record from Canadian two piece Vile Creature.
This album is a logical progression from their previous releases, both in sound and content. Three years ago their first LP, A Steady Descent into the Soil mirrored bleak, blackened doom metal with equally melancholy stories of growing up queer before it was part of the greater lexicon as it is today . 2016 EP A Pessimistic Doomsayer explored escaping your demons by forging relationships with works of fiction. With Cast of Static and Smoke the band have delved into building a world of their own while writing a compelling 44 minutes of suffering metal.

Cast of Static and Smoke is a record & short story. A dystopian science fiction taking place well after civilization has been destroyed by its own nuclear ambitions. The record is 4 songs that embody emotions felt by characters & moments that take place within the story, the album is less chronological and more a response to certain instances. Musically the band is as heavy as they have ever been and then some, weaving through different paces & influences with ease while maintaining their foundation in Doom. The record also features guest contributions from members/ex-members of Cursed, False, Sect, & Former Worlds.

The record is accompanied by a 16 page booklet that includes lyrics, credits, and the full story itself, as well there is an audio recording of the entire story scored by Vile Creature for those who have a hard time reading small print (like me!) or just want another way to experience it.