Thou - Summit CD

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2015 REPRESS   The first time I heard an instrumental, unmixed version of the opening track from Summit, I nearly wept. It's true. My mouth was agape, and I couldn't believe that the band I had been working with since late 2007 had developed so quickly and become so incredibly focused. As more rough versions of the songs comprising Summit came my way I grew more and more convinced that Thou had, somehow, hit a whole new level in their songwriting. There had never been a record or song of theirs that I didn't enjoy on some level or another, but this was something else entirely, a whole new realm. There was also never a point in time where I ever expected to release this record. So when I gave Bryan feedback on what I had heard I could confidently tell him that it was one of the best records I had heard in the last decade, without the risk of trying to hype my own label-ego. Then, I suddenly got an email from Bryan while I was on my way through California on a work-related field trip. The subject was €°ÛÏSummit CD€°۝ and the body simply said €°ÛÏWill you put that out?€°۝ I think I had a minor heart attack first, then furiously responded €°ÛÏA million times YES!€°۝ From there it was a crazy, long road to getting the album released. There were a bunch of really irritating issues with the mixes, I think it had to be remixed twice? Which was a headache considering the recording engineer/mixer was on tour in Europe without the abillity to remix/fix the original mix issues. This also meant it had to be mastered twice, since we didn't catch the original mix issues until they came to the forefront in mastering. These delays are what caused the band and I to decide to do a tour edition of the CD. That tour version was pressed on professionally replicated CD-Rs using the rejected mix that we didn't want to use for the full release. But it was cool putting together the package for that tour edition (see blog post here) and everything with the finished version of the official release ended up being spectacular, and exactly what we wanted. Also, I don't think we had any typos. The amount of positive response that has come in for this record was really inspiring to me as far as the label goes, especially since it came at a time when I was questioning if I wanted to carry on any longer.