Thou - Ceremonies Of Humiliation 2CD

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SHIPPING NOW A two-disc collection of out-of-print material from splits and EPs released prior to the band's third full-length, Summit. Over two hours of music. All of the songs on this collection have been re-mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. Packaged in a heavy-duty gatefold jacket and includes a 20-page booklet printed on heavy paper stock. All artwork is exclusive to the CD release. Initial pressing: 1000 copies. Track list: CD1 01 Their Hooves Carve Craters in the Earth (7:54) 02 The Severed Genitals of Every Rapist Hang Bleeding From These Trees (7:58) 03 Unmasked (2:02) 04 Here I Stand Head in Hand (8:03) 05 Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice (6:07) 06 The Defeatist's Lament (2:51) 07 Smoke Pigs (5:00) 08 Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (6:00) 09 Out of the Mouth of a Fool (6:38) 10 By Every Hand Betrayed (8:05) 11 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (9:00) Disc one run time: 69m39s CD2 01 Fleurs de Mal (6:19) 02 Loneliness Dances in the Gorgon's Stare (8:42) 03 Don't Vote (3:03) 04 I Am the Leviathan (5:37) 05 Shorties with MP40s (7:08) 06 The Eyes of the World are Upon You (10:20) 07 The Song of Illuminate Darkness (12:01) 08 Reprise (4:54) Disc two run time: 58m30s