Ophthalamia - Via Dolorosa 2LP

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Sweden's Ophthalamia was formed in 1989 by IT (known for his work in Abruptum). Ophthalamia was a fantasy-world created by IT and the songs were connected to stories based around this fantasy-world. Though the band could be classified as black metal, there is much more to Ophthalamia, with diverse metal influences and progressive passages, along with some strong atmospherics. The band's second full-length effort, 1995's Via Dolorosa, includes a cover of the Mayhem classic, "Deathcrush" while the line-up here features IT (Tony Särkkä) with Legion (Marduk), on vocals. Also appearing is Emil ‘Nightmare Industries' Nodtveidt and Winter (drummer for Edge of Sanity). This 2017 vinyl edition of Via Dolorosa contains new liner notes from producer Dan Swano and Slayer Magazine's Metalion, including their memories of the recently departed Tony "IT" Särkkä.