Mizmor - This Unabating Wakefulness 12-inch

Gilead Media 2018

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THIS ALBUM IS PART OF THE GILEAD MEDIA 2018 SUBSCRIPTION CLUB. We here at Gilead Media are simply elated to once again work with Mizmor on another new release.. "This Unabating Wakefulness" is a single 15-minute track that was included on the digital download card of "The Psalter MMXVII" - Five Year Commemorative Mizmor Discography, which is now sold out.. This vinyl edition features fantastic original triptych artwork by Blial Cabal, including one segment laser etched into the b-side by Black Matter Mastering. . Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by A.L.N. and mastered by Adam Tucker. Available on black vinyl or grey vinyl. .