Mizmor - Mishlei CD


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"Mishlei" is a compilation of Mizmor's music made between 2013 and 2015, betweethe self-titled full length and "Yodh". Originally released across an EP and three splits, and clocking in at 75 minutes of wholly doomed black metal, these five songs together make up a unique full-length listening experience all their own.

These works find the project at its most transitional, chronicling a period of time rich with progress in both the spiritual and sonic aspects of the Mizmor journey. Those familiar with Mizmor's past releases may remember the triple cassette Psalter Boxset from 2017, the middle tape of which compiled these songs under the title "Mishlei" for the first time. Hearing these songs together inspired a "Mishlei" CD release in 2018. And now, in 2020, the collection is finally getting the vinyl treatment from Gilead Media in efforts to preserve and refresh these more underground, lesser known releases from Mizmor. 

The tracks that comprise "Mishlei" were originally released as:

Untitled Winter EP
Hell/Mizmor split
Mania/Mizmor split
Mizmor/Dross split