Memnon Sa - Citadel 2LP

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Import, released by Pyramid Noire. Description from the label: MEMNON SA's debut album on double 180g vinyl gatefold. "The effort is doom/drone colliding with post-rock, ambient, dark folk, and other styles to create a new 42-minute effort that emphasises mood above all, and to astounding affect" NOISEY "Memnon Sa's pursuit of alien horizons is both utterly unique and blessed with unimaginable hidden depths. 8 out of 10" METAL HAMMER "Possibly the most intense music I've heard...a masterpiece" MENTIONED REVIEWs "This cosmic drone band, coming from beneath the colossus (according to their own page), is channeling in a fantastic manner the spirits of psychedelic music, drone, doom and kraut rock" CVLT NATION