Kowloon Walled City - Gambling on the Richter Scale LP

Gilead Media 2017

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SHIPPING NOW  . Gilead Media is proud to continue working with KOWLOON WALLED CITY by way of reissue. We are pleased to present new high-quality pressings of the out-or-print Turk Street EP (2008, Howling Mine) and Gambling on the Richter Scale LP (2009, Perpetual Motion Machine). Following on the heels of their universally-praised 2015 LP, Grievances (Gilead Media, Neurot), we take things back a couple steps to the beginning stages of Kowloon. These earlier works are a snapshot at the foundation for the band"s sound in a much dirtier, noisier, sludgier environment.Kowloon have always been a band focused heavily on tone and  atmosphere with their unique style of heaviness, and the very intentional grit on these albums shows another face to a band that has grown to embrace a cleaner, over-driven sound in recent years.Packaged in a single pocket LP jacket and available on black vinyl (350) or clear w/black swirl (250). Download code included..  . Gilead Media 2017 Subscription Club members will automatically receive color vinyl unless black vinyl is specifically requested. .