Judas Priest - Ram it Down LP

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In 1986, Judas Priest intended to record a double album called Twin Turbos of which half would be lighter, more commercial rock, and the other half would be similarly polished but heavier and less synth-driven. As it happened, record labels being notoriously timid about double albums, the project was split into two releases, with the heavier Twin Turbos material being relegated to the 1988 gold certified effort Ram It Down. Elements such as the more technical drumming, high speeds, and sci-fi themes prefigured their return-to-form. "We all agreed that we just wanted to make a down and out heavy metal, hardcore record," frontman Rob Halford recalls. "With that attitude in mind, that's what we went about to proceed to do and I think, to a degree, yes, it's certainly the heaviest thing we've done...we're very, very happy with it."