Guerilla Poubelle/Arms Aloft - Taches Noires Vivantes/Living Black Dots 7"

Gilead Media

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At long last, I finally get to do another punk record! This one came together quite quickly with little warning. I saw Guerilla Poubelle while they were on tour in the US mid-2014, playing with Arms Aloft in Green Bay. I wasn't familiar with GxP at the time, but they were an incredible live band and the songs totally ruled. During that show, Seth from Arms Aloft told me they were planning a Euro tour with GxP and working on a split 7". At the time I was stoked even though we hadn't discussed working together on the release. A couple months later Seth asked me to get involved to make copies available in North America, and I had to say yes. Arms Aloft have long been a favorite of mine, and I was GxP have quickly become a band I find great joy in listening to. Especially after the incredible show they put on that evening in Green Bay. SHIPPING NOW Guerilla Poubelle (FR) and Arms Aloft (US), along with a globe-spanning coalition of DIY labels, are proud to bring you a new split release, €°ÛÏTaches Noires Vivantes / Living Black Spots€°۝. Featuring two new songs from each band, the record's theme and title reflect the ideas that bring the bands together in the first place: That pessimism and darkness should always be embraced, but that despite it, we should always be creating and always be pushing back. Along with Guerilla Poubelle's self-run Guerilla Asso., the record will be released and made available worldwide through All-In Vinyl (UK), Eager Beaver Records (JP), Hectic Society Records (GER) and Gilead Media (US). We all hope you enjoy it, and keep your heads up, punks. Gilead Media will only receive 80 copies for North America.   Arms Aloft bio: Arms Aloft is a band of 4 friends who live in Wisconsin and Minnesota but forever call Eau Claire, WI home. Coming up on their 8th anniversary as a band, they hold fast to the idea that a punk band is more than a band that plays punk music. They remain proud of their convictions and their dedication to DIY music, progressive politics and the belief that punk can and should be a worldwide counter-culture and not just a sub-culture. With an LP (2012's €°ÛÏSawdust City€°۝) and several EPs and split releases behind them, Arms Aloft looks forward to making new music and extending their network of good friends making good things happen in a sometimes difficult world. Hear more at the Arms Aloft bandcamp: Guerilla Poubelle bio: A three piece French punk band from Paris. They played more than 666 shows all over the world and sold more than 20,000 copies of their first album ! Nevertheless they always kept their honest DIY ethic and political commitment. They run their own independent record label, always supporting local punk scene, promoting punk shows in Paris€°Û_ The band just released their new album "AMOR FATI", a radical collection of pessimistic but catchy anthems in French about boredom, depression, the pain of getting older, wasted friendships€°Û_ all of this wrap up with a bitter aversion to this selfish and apathetic society. Hear more at the Guerilla Poubelle bandcamp: