Gilead Media 2020 / 15th Anniversary Vinyl Subscription Club Registration

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As we wrap up the 2019 sub club releases and perks it's time to open registration for the 2020 installment of the Gilead Media Vinyl Subscription Club, our 15th anniversary running the label!

I wasn't aware of how many releases we were going to be doing in the next 14 months until I started putting a timeline together. Big stuff for 2020. Lots of TBAs obviously for now, much that remains to be announced, but everything you see here is in the pipeline in some fashion or another.

2020 subscription club releases:
RELIC111: TBA - TBA LP (Noise Rock. New full-length studio album)
RELIC113: MSW - TBA LP (The individual behind Hell, Cloud, and more. A solo album that takes elements from his other projects and brings them together for something new but familiar)
RELIC116: Mizmor - Mishlei 3LP singles/splits collection
RELIC118: Ustalost - TBA LP (Black metal. New full-length studio album)
RELIC120: Inexorum - TBA LP (Black metal. New full-length studio album)
RELIC121: TBA - TBA split LP (Metal. Two Gilead Media family bands come together for a split)
RELIC122: Wailin' Storms - TBA LP (Noise rock. New full-length studio album)
RELIC123: TBA - TBA LP (Noise rock/metal. New full-length studio album)
RELIC124: Couch Slut - TBA LP (Noise rock. New full-length studio album)
RELIC125: TBA - TBA LP - (Black metal. New full-length studio album)
RELIC126: Hell - Splits & EPs collection 2LP
RELIC127: TBA - TBA LP (Live album from a Gilead Media family group)
RELIC128: TBA - TBA LP (A collaborative LP. Details forthcoming)


2020 sub club perks
- An exclusive Gilead Media t-shirt $20
- An exclusive Gilead Media coffee mug $19
- Half or more of the releases will be pressed on EXCLUSIVE sub club color vinyl
- For each release 5 subscribers will be chosen to receive a test pressing in addition to the regular edition of the LP
- 10% off in our online store and at Eroding Winds physical record shop for the entire year of 2020
- Bandcamp hosted download codes for all Gilead Media 2020 releases, regardless whether they are a part of the Vinyl Sub Club or not.
- Combined retail value of vinyl, mug, shirts = $375


Critical info:
- Only available in Canada and the United State this year. Sorry, but with big shipping changes on the horizon we cannot offer it outside North America
- Limited to 200 subscriptions for 2020
- 2020 Registration is only available until 12/31/19
- Shipping is included in the subscription fee for ALL subscribers