Drab Majesty - Oak Wood 7-inch

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The solo project of the enigmatic Deb Demure: Drab Majesty has made an undeniable impact on the underground since his crushing album debut €œCareless€? on Dais Records in 2015. Following a CD compilation, a relentless tour schedule, three singles and the followup LP €œThe Demonstration€? early this year, Drab Majesty returns with the announcement of a fall tour and the somber 7€? single €œOak Wood€? b/w the beautiful ambient reflection €œEgress€?.. IN DEB DEMURE"S OWN WORDS:. €œOak Wood" was song received a couple weeks following the Ghostship tragedy in Oakland.  The DAIS family lost one of it's most beloved members, Cash Askew, and its song title is a literal translation of her last name; In Old Norse being Eiki (oak) Skogr (wood) thus making Oak Wood.  I found the name to be symbolically poignant in light of the events and wanted this to be a tribute piece.  The lyrics grapple with the existence of a god in a time of such utter sadness, hopelessness, and confusion.. €œEgress" is meant to serve as a faint departure or daydream; spaces I often find myself drifting to as a means of escape when disturbing thoughts cyclically plague my brain.  Side A confronts the issue and Side B acts as a mental respite.  Making instrumental guitar pieces has always been an act of meditation and I hope if only for a brief moment, the listener can wander and lose themselves within the sonic imagery offered in this piece..