Coroner - Punishment for Decadence LP

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Coroner was one of those underrated metal bands, mostly known to hardcore fans. Often labelled a thrash band, their music went far beyond what is usually thought of as thrash metal. Releasing five albums in six years – from the unpolished and technical speed of 1987's R.I.P., the complexity of 1988's Punishment for Decadence, the technical quality of 1989's No More Color and its derivative Mental Vortex from 1991 to the heavier and more laidback style of 1993's Grin – the band progressed consistently, without ever losing their identity. Composed of only three members – Tommy Vetterli (guitar), Marky Edelmann (drums) and Ron Broder (bass/vocals) – Coroner stood out of the metal scene with outstanding musicianship, creativity, raw power, technical skills and innovation.

After a 16-year-hiatus, the legendary Swiss technical thrash metallers reunited to play a handful of highly anticipated live shows in 2011. In 2016, the band followed their live-comeback with the Autopsy documentary/live/best-of release and announced plans to issue a new studio album, 25 long years after their last studio album (Grin, 1993). In anticipation of Coroner's sixth studio effort, the group's long out of print 80's catalog - R.I.P. (1987), Punishment For Decadence (1988) and No More Color (1989) - has been carefully remastered and is being reissued on vinyl. Coroner's outstanding, timeless and highly creative early output is primed for the current generation of metalheads to rediscover just in time for new material coming down the pike soon!