Barghest - The Virtuous Purge LP (split seam)

Gilead Media

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IN STOCK. SHIPPING NOW. These are the final copies, which all have jackets with split seams from shipping. Baton Rouge black metal project Barghest return in 2014 with a new full-length, The Virtuous Purge. On this follow up to 2011's Untitled LP (Gilead Media/Howling Mine), and 2012 split 12" with False (Gilead Media/Mirror Universe), Barghest emerge from the shadows with a refined sound and an increased intensity. Though their past recordings were deeply rooted in the realm of lo-fi black metal, with The Virtuous Purge, Barghest have shifted their focus, crafting subtle hints of death and doom throughout their new work without abandoning the harsh anti-human/anti-life aesthetic. This amalgam was brought to life under the guidance of recording engineer James Whitten, who worked with Barghest to tread this new sonic ground. Long-time fans will notice the significant change in recording fidelity as James and Barghest have taken a different approach to production, all the while remaining true to the vicious aggression and atmosphere for which Barghest are known. The Virtuous Purge was mixed by James Whitten, mastered by Adam Tucker, and features artwork by Hal Rotter. Clear vinyl limited to 200 pieces.  

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