Anicon - Exegeses LP

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SHIPPING NOW.  . PRAISE FOR "EXEGESES":.  - "A masterpiece of modern usbm that not only displays anicon"s full potential, but black metal"s as well." - Decibel Magazine 8/10 review. - "The players" fervor, their fury; you can hear it in each member"s performance. Every ounce of €œAmber€? conveys what the rest is getting at. And true, bits of it are abstract, complex, insert your word here. The music, the whole, that feeling though, interprets it better than words or images." - Stereogum. - "€œExegeses€? already is on the short list of the best music put out so far in this middle-aged 2016, and it"s easily one of the most satisfying black metal records that have crawled out of any land during that time" - Meat Mead Metal (chosen as Pick Of The Week". - "Anicon are one of the most exciting American black metal prospects in years." Dead Rhetoric 8/10 review. - Best Metal tracks of July - Treble Zine. - "Exegeses is one of black metal"s highlights this year" - Treble Zine. - "Anicon"s pushed themselves to an entirely new level and deserve to be a significant part of the conversation when it comes to U.S. black metal." - Transcending Obscurity. - "Exegeses is an incredible record from the opener straight through to "In Shadow and Amber", which ties the monolithic journey together." - Echoes & Dust  .  . OFFICIAL BLURB:. This summer we welcome another project that has long been on our radar, Brooklyn black metal band Anicon. Although we already considered them to be sort of extended family (drummer Lev Weinstein is a part of Krallice while bassist Alexander DeMaria performs as part of the Yellow Eyes live lineup) we are none-the-less quite pleased to welcome Anicon as a proper part of the label family as they join us to present their first full-length album, Exegeses.Founding members Nolan Voss and Owen Rundquist began writing material together for this project in 2010, at that time planning to name their first EP Anicon while the project itself would remain nameless, allowing the EP to stand as a singular expression. Quickly the project developed into a full band that began writing more material, so the Anicon name would be repurposed.Exegeses is the result of constant writing over the course of two years. And although other material was written and recorded through this time, the pieces chosen for the album were selected to work together as a single statement, similar to the original EP but in a significantly more developed fashion. The works on Exegeses represent what is very much a new stage for Anicon. Though they are thoroughly rooted in the US black metal sound, their style reaches further into the realm of the more technical. Favoring elaborately composed pieces that still retain every bit of fury and visceral energy that black metal is fundamentally founded upon.The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth in November 2015. It will be presented as a gatefold LP with stunning photography by Kari Greer. A digital download code will be included. A CD edition will be released simultaneously in Europe via Avantgarde Music. All LPs on black vinyl. .