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Gilead Media 2020

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This is a pre-order. Books are scheduled to ship to customers in March.

In the summer of 2019, leading up to the release of "Cairn," the third full-length album by Mizmor, the idea was born from the mind of Adam Bartlett (Gilead Media) and A.L.N. (Mizmor) to do something for the album's promotion that was more unique and meaningful than the typical cycle of surface deep digital magazine features. Something that would directly serve the artist and their vision for the album's narrative. 

The idea was to do an artist-on-artist conversation between A.L.N. and a close friend, someone who could ask the right questions and provide a more intimate perspective on the subject matter. The result was in incredible, in-depth conversation between A.L.N. and Emma Ruth Rundle.

The conversation took place in person at A.L.N.'s home in Portland and was followed by a trip to an old growth forest on the Oregon Coast where Emma took a large number of portraits. A heavily edited version of the conversation was published on Metal Hammer's website alongside the full album premiere of "Cairn" with a portion of Emma's original photos.  However, the sheer volume of the original content delivered by A.L.N. and Emma far exceeded any digital press outlet's capacity for hosting features, and a much larger story still existed in the shadows. 

In light of how special this whole endeavor turned out to be, Gilead Media is publishing a hard copy version in the form of a book, with the complete conversation and photo bank (over two hours of text transcribed and 25 photos). The conversation sheds a bright light on the themes and creation of "Cairn" and also highlights both Emma's and A.L.N.'s individual upbringings, lives, and how they view concepts like god, religion, art, life, and death as both people and artists. It is the proper companion to the album. Of the original 17,700 words of the full discussion, only 5,700 were published alongside the original album stream premiere. 

"Artist to Artist..." will be presented as a 78 page 6"x9" book, limited and hand-numbered to 150 copies. Each one autographed by both A.L.N. and Emma Ruth Rundle. 

This is a pre-order. Books are scheduled to ship to customers in March.