Golden Ashes - Gold are the Ashes of the Restorer LP

Aurora Borealis

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LP version. Transparent, yellow vinyl; Includes download code; Edition of 300. Golden Ashes is the project of Mories, known for his long running extreme metal project Gnaw Their Tongues, as well as SEIROM, whose album 1972 was released on Aurora Borealis back in 2008. Golden Ashes present the debut release Gold Are The Ashes Of The Restorer on Aurora Borealis. Synth-heavy dark droning black metal. The keen eared will find all is not as it seems, elements that recall other genres entirely. There is much here for the sonic explorer to enjoy, as generic labels are defiled, incinerated, and their ashes picked over. Golden Ashes on the release: "The black chaos of despair and hopelessness calls through the mist. A dreamlike descent into the realm of death. A mystified swansong to the days of hope. A dark return of myths through dying light. Eternity admired through the eyes of the dead. A restorer of all things abandoned by light and life.