Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry LP

Debemur Morti Productions

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. An amazing new chapter for Blut Aus Nord. At times actually reminds me of Krallice a bit. Oh yeah, real drums! This record rules and the art is beautiful.   Import. Released by Debemur Morti Productions. Description from the label: "BLUT AUS NORD, one of the most influential Black Metal band of the last decade, is finally back two years after its last-full length album "Cosmosophy", the monumental conclusion of the unforgettable trilogy "777" . This time, far from its filthy industrial realm, the enigmatic entity offers nothing less than one of the finest melodic, epic, and grandiose Black Metal albums ever! Deeply beautiful, emotional, and yet aggressive at the same time, this new imperial creation is a magnificent pagan symphony and an astounding creative achievement. As usual with BLUT AUS NORD, everything has been composed and performed with exceptional care and skill. Thorns, the new drummer, puts forward a magisterial performance, and the extravagant density of the guitar work creates a marvelous structure of rich harmonies and melodies, providing a wonderful atmosphere for the whole opus. The result, in its complexity and intensity, is an overwhelming listening experience. "