Scorched - Excavated For Evisceration LP

20 Buck Spin

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For the past few years Delaware’s Scorched have steadily built a reputation for classic savage Northeast style Death Metal. Skullcaving heaviness, video-nasty warped synth interludes and a cinematic taste for the gruesome and murderous.

Their 2016 debut LP ‘Echoes Of Dismemberment’ was as subtle as a brain-matter covered sledgehammer, a paean to everything that makes Death Metal still freshly relevant with an ever-growing fanbase after 30 years. Later in 2018, 20 Buck Spin will release the 2nd full length LP from Scorched, but first we present ‘Excavated For Evisceration’ a vinyl only brain-matter platter to introduce the band on the label.

‘Excavated…’ collects the band’s sadistic 2017 promo tape ‘Hymns From The Cellar’ on the A-side and the ferocious 2015 demo on the B-side. Through both of these recordings, and their punishing live show, Scorched emerge to take the reins of the next wave of U.S. blood-red brutality.