Yellow Eyes - Rare Field Ceiling CD

Gilead Media 2019-2

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Rare Field Ceiling is the coldest Yellow Eyes record to date, and it is also the warmest. It is the most inviting, the most alienating, the murkiest and the sharpest, always falling apart and yet held together by a dawning sense that within the thicket is a vision of majestic clarity.

But as Rare Field Ceiling climbs and climbs, majesty becomes delusion and clarity becomes mania. Yellow Eyes have always held failure up to the light and found patterns in the glow, but here they trace a doomed arc and, with unnerving focus, follow it to the very end.

In the cryptic, labyrinthine tradition of Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety, and early Blut Aus Nord, Yellow Eyes play black metal, uncompromising and unbound. Rare Field Ceiling is the latest statement in an increasingly significant and singular legacy.

Recorded in Yelping Hill, 2018

Guitar, vocals: W. Skarstad
Guitar, production: S. Skarstad
Bass: A. DeMaria
Drums: M. Rekevics
With a guitar improvisation by Mick Barr at the end of Side A.
Voices in Maritime Flare recorded in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia


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