Utzalu - The Loins of Repentance LP


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Vengeance vision in streams Left in time And I cut into my walls The lost connection To the cursed womb In the cleansing of their morals And enemies of their nobility The debut full length and fourth proclamation of scornful revenge by Utzalu: The Loins of Repentance. Formed in the corridors of wretch, this album employs the visions of Emile Zola in tangent with anecdotal tales of depravity in unhinged desires. The Loins of Repentance focuses on the evolution (or lack thereof) of merciless lust and the longing for the hubris that may never come. The transcendence of self-destruction and the desire to beckon the fall. The lust for revenge and the ecstasy from visions of torn and rotten loins. Limited to 200 copies of cassette and 300 on vinyl. Hell is the carvings on her back -- Heaven is your loins rotting in dirt..  .  .